1943 the Ghetto Fights

1943 the Ghetto Fights
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The 65th anniversary of the 1943 Warsaw ghetto uprising is around the corner. The editors of "Mówią Wieki", in association with the Jewish Historical Institute, have decided to commemorate this event with a special-larger than usual-edition of our monthly magazine. Although the struggle in the ghetto is the main subject of this issue, we try to show it in a broader context. We even found it worthwhile to tell our readers about the origin of the ghetto as such, and how the concept developed over centuries. However, the most illuminating background of the uprising is, in our opinion, provided by the history of Warsaws Jews, who formed a fascinatingly interesting and diverse community. The history of this community was capped by a heroic deed-an armed uprising in a desperate search for human dignity under those extremely inhumane conditions. The Germans called the Warsaw ghettos destruction Grossaktion, the Great Action, thus unwittingly paying tribute to the uprisings valiant fighters. We also need to remember that the Warsaw ghetto uprising was the first urban uprising in the history of World War II on territories occupied by Nazi Germany. All these issues and many more are discussed in the pages of "Mówią Wieki" by the foremost authorities on the subject. To make their voices heard abroad we are also publishing this issue in English. It is the first English-language issue in the history of our publication; therefore it is very special to us. Jarosław Krawczyk, Ph.D. editor-in-chief of "Mówią wieki" CONFINEMENT - On the Fringes of Society: How Jews Came to Live in Ghettos - A Significant Presence - A Vale of Tears: Jews in Warsaw from the Beginning of Occupation until the Ghetto Uprising - Women in the Ghetto: Pride, Dignity and Bravery - Clandestine Education: A Semblance of Normalcy - Music of the Ghetto STRUGGLE - Call to Arms - Weapons of War - Two Stages of the Uprising: Street Combat and Resistance in the Bunkers - How Others Saw Them: Friends and Foes - To Survive on the "Aryan Side" DEBATE Looking Beyond the Obvious PEOPLE AND DOCUMENTS - People and Profiles: Symbols of the Struggle - Memories Linger - Words Unearthed: The Ringelblum Archive - The Stroop Report: The Warsaw Ghetto is No More - Stroop Before the Polish Court TRIBUTE TO HEROES - The Sword of Hermann the Cherusker - Ghetto Art: Bearing Witness to History - The Tragic Notes: Composers Tribute to the Holocaust - A History Etched in Metal REMEMBRANCE - Ghetto Movies: The Untold Story Doing Justice to History - interview with Agnieszka Holland - All Things Jewish - interview with Wojciech Pszoniak - Lest We Forget: Museum of the History of Polish Jews

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