Modelling Waffen-SS Figures

Modelling Waffen-SS Figures
Autor: Calvin Tan
Oprawa: miękka
Ilość stron: 80
Format: 170x240 mm
Wydawnictwo: Osprey
ISBN: 9781841768373
egzemplarz archiwalny
This book explores the main patterns of Waffen-SS camouflage and dress and describes how to achieve these finishes in clear, step-by-step instructions. Advanced figure sculpting techniques, including conversions, are also featured, providing plenty of detail and diverse challenges to modellers of different abilities. Calvin Tan's superb base artwork and multi-layered painting technique are highlighted in this visually detailed, packed and engaging treatment of one of the most enduring, popular figure-modelling subject areas. The featured subjects include an SS-Sturmmann, an SS-Scharfuhrer, and SS-Schutze, and a Panzergrenadier machine-gunner.

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