Air Combat Legends Volume 1

Air Combat Legends Volume 1
Oprawa: twarda z obwolutą
Ilość stron: 256
Format: 235x310 mm
Wydawnictwo: AIRtime
ISBN: 9781880588741
egzemplarz archiwalny
Mortal enemies in the skies over wartime Europe, the British Spitfire and German Bf 109 were the definitive fighters of their day. This incredible book charts the history and development of both types, and examines their variants, missions, weapons, cockpits, unit operators and the air battles they fought. Each aircraft, including the Seafire, is examined in great detail and superbly illustrated with hundreds of period photos, magnificent 3-view and three-quarters-view artwork, plus as a host of small side- and underside profiles that show unit markings.

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