Autor: Perry Moore
Oprawa: twarda lakierowana
Ilość stron: 202
Format: 230x315 mm
Wydawnictwo: Helion
ISBN: 9781906033163
egzemplarz archiwalny
PANZERSCHLACHT ARMOURED OPERATIONS ON THE HUNGARIAN PLAINS SEPTEMBER-NOVEMBER 1944. PANZERSCHLACHT covers in detail the unravelling of the southern sector of the Eastern Front during late summer and autumn 1944, which led to some of the largest and most vicious, yet unknown, tank battles of the Second World War. Slammed by continuous Russian attacks that ripped the Romanian Front to pieces and by late August had caused Romania to defect to the Soviets, Germans forces were left threadbare. Only Hungary narrowly failed to defect to the USSR, and was coerced into remaining Germany's ally. Despite a gross imbalance in numbers, the German Army, and more notably, their Panzer divisions (some with only 30 AFVs) delayed, disrupted and destroyed much larger Russian units with successful counter-attacks.

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