Marine Corps Uniforms & Equipment 1941-45

Marine Corps Uniforms & Equipment 1941-45
Autor: Bruno Alberti, Laurent Pradier
Oprawa: twarda lakierowana
Ilość stron: 176
Format: 235x320 mm
Wydawnictwo: Histoire & Collections
ISBN: 9782915239997
egzemplarz archiwalny
Bruno Alberti and Laurent Pradier have been collecting and writing about U S Marine Corps gear for more than a decade and, in that time, have contributed complete series of articles on the topic in the French Militaria Magazine. That sequence of articles is complete and the time has now come for a revised and expanded version of the results of their work as a single bound volume. The US Marine Corps has always enjoyed a special status among the American Armed Forces, as well as boasting distinctive uniforms and emblems. This new book presents the large variety of dress uniforms for both officers and enlisted men, as well as combat uniforms and specialty camouflage garments.

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